Apr 132016
OTC Sleep Aids - What You Should Know

Helpful Warnings and Tips on Using OTC Sleep Aids By Ryan English With insomnia and other sleeping difficulties, most doctors would prescribe over-the-counter medications like sleeping pills and other such drugs that are readily available as a treatment option. As effective as they can be in short term, their side effects are well documented throughout […]

Apr 122016
I Can't Sleep! - Remedies to Help You Rest

I Can’t Sleep! Various Remedies to Get Some Sleep By G. Smitty In our hectic, tuned in modern times, very many issues require your attention. You have a job, a business, a family, relatives, friends and many other personal responsibilities. It’s no wonder you will hear several people saying “I can’t sleep”! When you have […]

Mar 162016
To Nap Or Not To Nap

The Great Debate for Insomniacs – To Nap or Not to Nap? By Jennifer C Jackson Most insomnia programs that do not simply mask symptoms with drugs focus on behavioral and life style choices that affect sleep. Most of this is good overall health advice. Who can argue with recommendations such as getting regular exercise […]

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