not sleeping well

Night Terror

To begin, it is very important to understand that night-terrors and problems are not the very same things. In reality, they are entirely different. On a fundamental level, headaches are dreams that an individual can clearly remember when they awaken. Night fears, also known as sleep horrors, or pavor nocturnus, are not dreams. Night Terror …

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Insomnia Facts To Know

If you can’t get to sleep, and stay asleep, or you are dealing with other sleeping disorder symptoms, you may well be wondering if you have insomnia. Maybe so. Here are the insomnia facts you should know. Definition of Insomnia According to standards developed by a group of sleep experts, insomnia is difficulty falling asleep …

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Sleep and Weight Gain

  The Link Between Sleep and Weight Gain Lack of sleep isn’t any fun. But did you know that it can actually play a role in putting on weight? Yep, maybe you have just found the reason why your fat burning and weight reduction efforts have proven ineffective up to now. Important studies tell us …

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Depression and Insomnia

Sleep deprivation affects millions of people every night. When you don’t get enough sleep the results have a negative impact on the things that your body needs to do to function correctly. Which ultimately leads to depression and insomnia. If you are getting the right amount of the right kinds of sleep, there are all …

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