How to Go to Sleep and Get a Good Night’s Rest

A lot of people suffer from insomnia and don’t even know it. They go through life in misery, never understanding that they are afflicted by this disorder and continue marching through life as if they had good sense.

Yes, it does matter how many hours of sleep you get but it is equally important to know how to go to sleep and then stay asleep. How you get to that magic number of hours is particular to your own sleep needs. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get the rest you require:

8 Ways to Go To Sleep

  • Make the room sub-Arctic if you like being a polar bear. For some people, this works. For others, they can’t go to sleep. Your body temperature is being lowered by signals from your brain. If you can’t get your body to the correct temperature for sleeping, you won’t stay asleep. Also, avoid spicy foods or anything that can raise your body temperature at least a few hours before going to bed.
  • Go soak in a tub! It’s a slang saying but it does help especially if you are trying to reduce muscle tension. If you don’t get at least seven hours of sleep your stress hormones will rise which causes your skin to dehydrate, you feel pasty and find you have a puffiness feeling. As your body cools down after a bath it makes your heartbeat more slowly which in turn allows you to relax and fall asleep.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol not only can hype you up but your sleep will be interrupted. You can become restless because your sugar levels and blood alcohol levels drop causing you to have that hangover sensation in the morning.
  • Avoid products containing caffeine after 4 p.m. Did you know that it takes about 6-8 hours for caffeine to leave your system? Dark chocolate or tea can also contain as much caffeine as an espresso so try to avoid those as well.
  • Try going to bed earlier. When you get a full night’s sleep you are up and ready for the day upon waking. There is nothing as terrible as the feeling of waking only to realize you are still extremely tired.
  • Scents by your bedside will help you to go to sleep and stay asleep. There are a lot of different scents but a few that will be helpful for dozing off are: chamomile and lavender, rose, sandalwood, and mandarin.
  • Use soft cleansers before bedtime. You do not want to irritate your skin with a harsh cleanser right before bed. Your skin needs a good night’s sleep to repair itself. By removing makeup using a harsh cleanser your skin is fighting a battle. The harsh cleanser may cause inflammation rather than repairing your skin so your skin is using all of its energy to fight off the inflammation and keeping you up as well.