How to Sleep Better

This video ends up being a commercial for a massage tool to help you sleep. But the information Dr. Berg gives before hand is very good for anyone that cant sleep from time to time (and who doesn’t?)

Less than five minutes, I think it is worth your time.

We have some additional ideas to try when sleep is elusive here.

One thing is certain, you can’t figure out how to fall asleep by stressing about not sleeping. If you are looking hints about how to sleep and how to sleep quickly, this article may offer you the advice you need.

Why Aren’t You Sleeping?

Start by identifying why you aren’t able to sleep. List all the things you suspect may be affecting your sleep. When your list is complete you will have a pretty accurate outline of the problem. It is highly likely that you will identify an increase in stress and/or anxiety to be the reasons you are not able to sleep. Other frequent culprits are a poor diet and generally bad sleeping environments.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Experts on the subject of sleep instruct patients suffering from poor sleep habits begin to solve the problem by establishing good sleep hygiene habits:

1. Condition your body for bedtime every night by developing a bedtime routine consisting of 5 indicators that tell your body it is time to sleep.

2. Note that the bedroom is meant for sleeping and sex and should not be used for any other activities. This means no computers, smartphones, TVs, or other devices allowed.

3. Don’t stress about sleep. If for some reason you are unable to sleep, don’t fight it, get out of bed and do something else until you feel sleepy again.

4. Go to bed the same time every night and awake at the same time each morning. Follow this schedule even on weekends.

5. How to fall asleep should not be an issue present in your mind, and this will only seek to make you anxious. Sleep is a natural bodily function and should not be over thought about on focused on too much.

Use your Built in Clock

Your body has a built in biological clock conditioned to sleep at set times each day. Maintaining this routine is essential. Instead of worrying about how to go to sleep, focus more on making sleep time a ritual. If you want to read before bedtime, make it a routine thing every night. If you like listening to music, doing so each night before bed lets your body know that it is time to sleep.

Use the Bedroom for its Intended Function

Oftentimes, people use the bedroom as a multi-purpose room. They eat in the bedroom, watch television and even do paper work and allow clutter. Sleep researchers say that if you want to sleep well consistently the bedroom should be used only for sleeping and sex.

The bedroom environment should also be conductive for sleeping. This means keeping the lights dim and maintaining an cool temperature during the night. It is also a good idea to open the bedroom window for a period of time to let fresh air into the room.

Can’t Sleep? Do Something Else

If you are unable to fall asleep after being in bed for more than 20 minutes, get up and go to another room. Try light, slow stretching exercises for 10 minutes or so, and then return to your bedroom once you start feeling sleepy again. Stretch each muscle in your body one by one, from toe to neck, concentrating on making each one tired as you go.

Worrying about how to fall asleep makes things even more stressful. Instead incorporate positive and healthy changes to your lifestyle. Maintaining good sleep hygiene will help you settle into a disciplined routine which is, by far, most important when learning how to sleep quickly.


By Ryan English

Using OTC Sleep Aids

With insomnia and other sleeping difficulties, most doctors would prescribe over-the-counter medications like sleeping pills and other such drugs that are readily available. As effective as they can be in short term, their side effects are well documented. From dependence to serious health risks and even death, these types of medication are no strangers to the darker side of life. For patients with insomnia and other related ailments, warnings and tips on using OTC sleep aids are needed to warn them of the risks involved.

These medications may be quick fixes that yield results right off the bat, but they are not long term cures for sleep illnesses. With this in mind, it is best to understand that for things like acute insomnia, OTC sleep aids can be very effective. However, beware of the adverse side-effects involved improper use of sedatives. Issues like forgetfulness, excessive sleepiness, lack of alertness, physiological and psychological dependence, and even death.

Preventing Harmful Side Effects

To prevent these harmful effects, certain steps should be followed before initial dosage. These following pointers are crucial in maintaining good health while taking these drugs. Here are the main principles for safe and moderate use of sleep medication:

  • – Before use, always consult your doctor and ask if it is safe for you. Follow his/her recommendations and advice so that you may go through treatment without a hitch.
  • – Never, under any circumstances, take sleeping pills with alcohol. This may be common knowledge to most, but constant reminders are still necessary so that there will be no mistakes made. Doing so is a mistake most people will never live to regret. Since alcohol is a strong depressant that slows the functions of the brain and respiration, then its effects can stack up with those of sleeping pills and lead to fatal consequences.
  • – Read the instructions and follow the indicated dosages. Start with the most minimum dosage possible then slowly build up until the recommended maximum and never exceed it. This is best to get the best effect out of the medication without suffering the side effects.
  • – Consider other medications currently taken as OTC sleep aids may yield adverse side effects upon being mixed with other chemicals.
  • – Take note of your mental state, mood, and recent actions as they may indicate the side effects of your medication.
  • – Take the medication only sporadically to avoid harmful side effects as they may decrease effectiveness and cause dependence and other risks.
  • – Avoid taking other types of medication as they may only hinder with the sleeping pills’ effectiveness.
  • – Do not drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery upon initial dosage as you may never know what effects it may have had on you. Doing otherwise may lead to an accident.
  • – Regularly consult your doctor as you go along through treatment and give him/her a report of your progress.

By taking the necessary precautions and following your doctor’s advice, you are sure to keep safe while taking sedatives for your sleeping problems. As long as you heed the helpful warnings and tips on using OTC sleep aids, then there should be no need to worry.


By G. Smitty

In our hectic, tuned in modern times, very many issues require your attention. You have a job, a business, a family, relatives, friends and many other personal responsibilities. It’s no wonder you will hear several people saying “I can’t sleep”! When you have too many responsibilities, you are much more likely to be stressed up. Your productivity level will probably go down if you cannot sleep or set aside a quiet time each day to unwind. There is a reason why God himself created livings things that cannot do without sleep. You certainly need to avoid sleepless nights in your life. If you cannot do it alone, you possibly have a serious health problem. Start by seeking the help from a doctor.

Sometimes people experience insomnia because of something they cannot explain. Again, men, women and children will experience a sleep problem because of specific health problem. For instance, a menopausal woman certainly endures sleepless nights related to this stage of life. Children may refuse to sleep as they begin to understand things around them. In simpler words, you should see a physician for examination. Your insomnia problem is not necessarily similar to your husband’s, wife’s, friends’ and so on. A physician will help you to understand the cause of your problem and recommend some sleep remedies.

He or she will do the same in case your little or bigger kid is missing his or her sleep. There are many possible solutions for insomnia. If you recently heard someone saying, “I can’t sleep”, please share with him or her the following sleep remedies:

Maintain a sleeping pattern – This is possibly one of the most effective methods of improving your sleep problem. If you use this method, you will certainly solve the problem in the future. Many times, you change your sleeping patterns because of responsibilities. Occasionally you simply want to work overtime with your home computer. Other times you get tempted to continue watching the TV until after your usual sleeping time. The same case applies to babies. Once you disturb their sleeping patterns once, this becomes a major problem. Once you set your sleep time, your brain will remind you everyday when the time comes.

Control the room temperature – Once you notice that you cannot sleep normally, please control the room temperature. Perhaps your bedroom is too warm, which makes you turn and wake up throughout the night. A colder environment is much better for a person who cannot sleep.

Turn off the bedroom or house lights – As experts confirm, a specific substance known as the Melatonin is produced to make us sleep swiftly and for a long duration. They continue to say that your body will not produce it if by chance; any kind of light makes contact with it. It is therefore important to turn off lights as you sleep.

Eat particular type of food – You should certainly ask your doctor if the food you usually eat affect your sleeping patterns. Eating light foods will make you sleep quickly and peacefully.

Reduce your stress levels – Many people can tell when they have stress, and others cannot. This is why a visit to your doctor will help. He or she is likely to give you the correct sleep pills or stress pills if it happens to cause your insomnia problem.

Buy some herbal remedies – As many of you know already, some herbal drinks such as tea work. There are herbal oils used for bathing or apply the oils on your bedding to help you sleep well. There is no reason to say, I can’t sleep anymore as you can see.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from can’t sleep to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!