Not Able To Sleep? Try This


What To Try When You Are Not Able To Sleep

If you are having trouble and not able to sleep, you might assume you’ll never fall asleep normally again. Do you remain awake all night willing yourself to sleep and failing terribly? Do you ever stagger through your day in a fog? Did it seem to be sleeping pills are the only hope remaining? Don’t cave in to the false promises of pills. Sleeping pills, be they prescription or over-the-counter, are not a good solution when you are not able to sleep. True, they are more than capable of drugging you into a stupor. But they will not cure insomnia.

Falling asleep is usually a natural process which is closely related to relaxation. When you are not able to sleep, attempting to make yourself get to sleep is just as futile as forcing yourself to relax. It hardly ever succeeds on demand. The harder you attempt to sleep, the more alert you are. Falling asleep just isn’t anything you can achieve with focus. Actually, it’s easier considering the complete opposite of concentration. Sleep is a lot easier if your mind is permitted to wander.

Sleep Aids Are Not The Answer

This is exactly why sleep aids are a really bad approach when you are not able to sleep. Our systems crave routine regardless of whether we like it or not. It’s the reason why athletes and musicians practice their crafts relentlessly. Although our brain understands how to proceed, our actual physical bodies have to practice and learn. If you are not able to sleep it might be because your body has forgotten how to sleep. When you start to depend on sleeping pills, going to sleep normally becomes even tougher. You can easily develop both an emotional and a physical attachment to sleeping medicines. The more you take them, the more the body will become used to the effect of the pills and the harder it will be to get to sleep naturally.

The next time you are not able to sleep, instead of heading to the pharmacy, try this method instead: Lie on your back in bed and start taking deep breaths. Close your eyes and pretend your body is getting heavy. Imagine yourself sinking ever deeper into the your bed. Don’t think about trying to sleep. Instead, focus on unwinding a specific part of your body. For instance, make sure your left big toe is really as peaceful as it can be. How about the toe alongside it, is it peaceful too? Continue this exercise until your whole body is as relaxed. But I’ll bet you never complete the task> As you concentrate on relaxing parts of your body, you will probably find yourself drifting off to sleep well before you have finished.

What’s happening here? Simply put you have given your conscious mind something productive to try and do. While the mind is so occupied, your body is in a position to relax and fall asleep. By breathing deeply and progressively unwinding, you are starting to re-train yourself to go to sleep. Healthy techniques like this are far better and more effective than artificial sleep aids. Once you understand more about the way your body is designed to work, then you will see why natural sleep aids and healthful lifestyle options are far better than pharmacy remedies.