Physical Exercise and Sleep


Exercise and Sleep

Have you ever noticed how after a great workout session you feel deliciously tired? You’re both satisfied and proud of yourself for taking care of your body and you understand that you’ve done something beneficial to improve your health. The explanation is there is a definite link between exercise and sleep

Being active is clearly essential for maintaining your weight and robust muscles, but it offers plenty of other benefits too. People who exercise routinely are known to sleep better and move with more energy throughout the day.

Even though exercising will probably tire you out at first, it really provides much more energy in the long term. This is the way getting regular exercise helps improve your sleep and provides a lot of energy throughout the day.

Why You Need Regular Physical exercise

It is necessary to engage in regular exercise in order to maintain a healthy body. Your muscles demand exercise to stay in shape, but, many of your other systems need it too.

Heart health, regularity, and even a sharp mind will depend on exercise as it helps these systems stay well-oiled and in shape.

When exercise is part of a regular routine, it permits the body to wind down in the evening and prepare for a solid sleep. The more you tire yourself out during the day, the more likely you are to have consistently restful sleep night after night.

The Energy Crisis

The busy lives of everyday Americans are often the first to be held responsible for the energy crisis seen in all age groups from teenagers to seniors.

However, the bigger offender may be a lack of exercise and not getting enough sleep. When you don’t make time for exercise, your body holds onto the tensions and anxieties of the day.

This can cause you to ruminate during the night rather than dropping off to sleep, making your efforts to relax just as stressful as the day.

A basic 30 minute walk, regular Yoga classes, a swim in the pool or just jogging around the block a few times in the week are sufficient. When beneficial exercise is achieved, it contributes to good sleep, which increases your energy during the day despite your hectic schedule.

Getting More Energy

If you exercise, endorphins are released in your bloodstream that reduce discomfort and elevate mood. When you exercise you actually start to feel better physically and mentally, helping you to be more relaxed at the end of the day. These good feelings create a restful and restorative sleep which gives the energy you’ll want to tackle your day.

Though everyone achieves some type of sleep at night, it is not always restful sleep. A lot of people experience fitful sleep, disturbing dreams, and wake up seemingly more tired than they did the night before.

This happens because they are most likely not reaching REM sleep or the other deeper sleep cycles. Once you are involved in deep, restful sleep, you help your body to heal from the damage encountered throughout the day. A lot of people who enjoy this sleep night after night are rested throughout their days while having lots of energy that actually lasts quite a while.

Better Body, Better Sleep, More Energy

Once you commit to working out a minimum of 30 minutes a day 3 or more times weekly, you’re actually committing to feeling better and looking better. Making time for regular exercise has been proven to give you more energy throughout the day and also lead to better rest at night.

Regardless of whether you enjoy going to the gym, working out at home, or just going for a walk, you will discover a way to include good fitness into your hectic schedule.