Sleep Apnea Causes

How would you know you might be affected by sleep apnea? Well, when you are sleeping, you are forced to wake up gasping for air due to your inability to breathe, which is probably Sleep Apnea. Below we are going to look at the different Sleep Apnea causes as well as some different treatments which you can consider.

Sleep Apnea happens because for whatever reason your lungs are unable to get air or because your airway has momentarily collapsed, restricting airflow. When this takes place, you suddenly wake up starved for air. As soon as your breathing stabilizes, you are able to successfully go back to sleep.

Sleeping Position

Most common of cause of sleep disorder is due to the position you are sleeping in and that position is most often lying flat on your back. That said however, the primary Sleep Apnea cause is your tongue’s muscle or throat relaxes. When this takes place while you are sleeping on your back, this relaxation of muscles causes your jaw to drop opening your mouth at the same time the tongue folds back into your throat blocking the air way which results in great difficulty getting air and then coming awake.

This is the probably the easiest of all Sleep Apnea causes to correct. All you need to do is change your sleeping position to get a good night’s sleep. Often, just turning your head to one side with your cheek on the pillow will do the trick.

Tonsils and Adenoids

Another one of the frequent Sleep Apnea causes is when the Tonsils or Adeniods are swollen which will also restrict the airway and result in Sleep Apnea symptoms. Most frequently, this situation must be solved through surgical procedure.

Being Overweight

Even as simple as being overweight can be considered as another one of sleep apnea causes, this is because when you are overweight your body fat can spread to all parts of your body. Along with other parts of the body the soft tissue within your mouth as well as at the back of your throat will soon get some unwanted fatty deposits too which will cause the collapse as well as blockage of your breathing while you are sleeping.

The best remedy here is to lose weight. While you are doing that using a mouth piece that keeps your airway open will help in case of mild sleep apnea since it will assure your tongue stays down and it will also keep your tongue in a position that will enable you to breathe continuously and get a good night’s sleep.

Size Of Skull and Neck Bones

Finally, you can also add the size of your skull and neck bones as another one of the conceivable Sleep Apnea causes because often these skull and neck bones may be shaped in a style that forces your muscles to close
over your throat when you are lying down and thus will spoil your sleep at night.

The best way to treat this and other sleep apnea causes is by using the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure treatment (CPAP) which is considered the best option in many cases of extreme Sleep Apnea.

As is the case with other medical issues, a trip to visit with your doctor about which of these remedies will work best for you is always a good idea.